Synthetic grass

What is the Best Height for Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass has been growing in popularity in Kelowna. Many homeowners in Kelowna have been asking us what is the best height for artificial grass and which artificial turf model best suits their application. There are many facets to explore such as colour, density, and height. Subsequently, we stress the significance of pile height. The best height for artificial grass can vary, furthermore, it can really affect the overall look of a space. We strongly recommend Kelowna homeowners to take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Pile Height?

Pile height refers to the height of each artificial grass fiber. Our artificial turf ranges anywhere between 13mm to 60mm.

  • Why is Pile Height Important?

Each application requires a different pile height. The pile height may affect the density, feel, and aesthetic of the artificial turf. First, the 13mm high artificial grass models are usually quite dense. These models are most suitable for gym applications or putting green spaces.

For example, we recommend our polygreen model for gyms. Second, the 32mm to 60mm high artificial grass models are best suitable for residential applications.

For example, we recommend our PerfectLawnPro for residential applications. This model is 48mm high.

  • Pile Height Vs. Density

Generally speaking, the higher the pile height, the denser the model. There are exceptions to the rule such as our Polygreen model which is 13mm high yet 40oz in density. However, most residential/commercial applications follow this rule. Furthermore, the higher the pile height, the more expensive the model.

 For example, our PerfectLawn model is 38mm in height and 55oz in density. The Elite Turf is 60mm in height and 120oz in density. This results in the PerfectLawn being $2.96 per sqft while the Elite Turf is $3.75 per sqft.