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What is the Best Artificial Grass for my Children and Dogs?

The question asked the most by those living in Calgary is: what is the best artificial grass for my children and pets? Many are making the switch to artificial grass as it grows in popularity in cities like Calgary. For homeowners in Calgary, the biggest factor that influences their decision-making process is either their pets, children, or often both. We list a few factors that homeowners should look out for when purchasing such turf:

First, our PerfectLawn Series is quality driven as each model is lead free, UV resistant, and fire retardant. Furthermore, the colour is embedded into the fibre. This prevents colour leakage. Therefore, we highly recommend our models for pet turf areas or play areas/playgrounds.


Best Artificial Grass Suitable for Children

We recommend our GreatLawn, ComfortLawn, Paradise, and LuxuryLawn for those looking to create a play space/playground for their children. These models come with dense, soft fibers. Children will have no problem playing, tumbling, or lying down on our artificial grass.

We highly recommend purchasing our Ezpad product alongside your artificial turf. Ezpad is made out of 100% recycled materials. This material reduces the impact of a fall. It will make the play area super safe for your child!

Artificial turf Suitable for Pets

We recommend our PerfectLawn, PerfectLawnPro, EliteTurf, and LuxuryLawn. Reason being, these models come with a polyurethane backing. In fact, this backing is extremely resistant against pet urine and pet odors. Furthermore, our polyurethane backings come with twice the amount of drainage holes. Finally, this backing will make it virtually impossible for your pet to dig a hole or loosen the fibers.

We highly recommend including our pet deodorizer and antibacterial infill with your purchase. Our pet deodorizer prevents bad order. Furthermore, our antibacterial infill absorbs moisture and eliminate odor.