Mini turf & Artificial Grass for Golf Putting Greens

Enjoy your mini turf space with our Polygreen model, designed with a 13 mm pile height and 40 oz density to replicate the natural look found at a golf club. This cost effective putting green model will last for years to come, maintaining it’s fresh appearance. SGC Polygreen will leave your golf course looking beautiful and clean all year round.

You may purchase your samples online, ask for a quote, order your samples box or call us at 1-877-333-7081

Putting Green: Flag and Cup

We provide all the necessary accessories for your mini turf. Our premium set (including flag and cup) is made out of aluminum and steel which is extremely resistant against Canadian weather. It’ll endure the wear and tear, maintaining a brand new look over the years. Our standard set (including flag and cup) is made out of hard plastic. This set is mainly recommended for indoor putting green spaces.

Enjoy the Game with SGC Polygreen!

More and more homeowners are enjoying their outdoor and indoors spaces with a game of mini golf with their friends and family. SGC polygreen artificial grass model will transform your home for such activities! Join many who’ve purchased our Polygreen model all across Canada, including Mississauga, Edmonton, Vancouver, and many more!

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