Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the frenquently asked questions and to your queries on our products, payments and shipping policies to help you with your shopping experience with SGC.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2010, SGC has grown into a leading distributor of maintenance free outdoor living solutions. We have our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and have branches in Quebec City and Montreal, Quebec. 

Do you have a showroom?

Currently, we have three showroom locations, one in Mississauga, ON, and the other two in Montreal, QC and Quebec City, QC. We are opening a new location shortly in Metro Vancouver, BC.

Please see our contact page to know the address and hours of operations for our showroom locations.

Can I visit your pick up locations to see your products?

We service across North America with 2 warehouse locations in Canada and have 3 showroom locations. The pick up locations are our carrier company’s storage houses.

Once you’ve ordered through us, we give you two options. First option is to ship your merchandise to your home address. Second option, a pick up at your nearest pick up locations.

How do I receive samples?

If you’re closer to any of our showroom locations, we’d recommend visiting us. You will get free samples along with a free quote, specifications, product information etc, from one of our sales representatives.

Alternatively, you can order the samples online. While the samples are free of charge, you might have to pay to have them delivered right at your doorstep.

Why are your prices low in comparison to all your competitors?

SGC is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) company. We market our own brand so we can provide exclusive factory direct pricing. Also, to be able to connect personally with our consumers. 

Do you sell to homeowners or only to contractors and resellers?

SGC encourages the family to spend time with each other. Since we designed most of our goods to be installed by a common homeowner, we market them to everyone!

Do you do installation or does your price include installation charges?

SGC is only involved in the sale of their products. The quotation document will therefore only include the cost of the materials.

We can, however, also refer you to some of our trusted contractors. These installers worked with our products before and have received a terrific reaction from our clients in the past.

How do I pay for my SGC products purchase?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex.* You may also choose to pay via Bank/Wire transfer.

For our clients in Canada we also offer payments through Interac e-Transfer.

*We accept Amex for all customers in the United States. For Canada a 3% fee on Amex will be added.

I don't feel at ease with online shopping. Can I place an order by phone?

We want to ensure your shopping experience with us is comfortable enough to have you come back to us again-and-again. We provide several payment options, and use ‘Monetico’ secure server to make online payments hassle free.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to position your order over the phone, we can certainly help! Contact us directly at 1-877-333-7081.

How will you ship my SGC products purchase and what is the cost?

Each order is unique, therefore at SGC we use different delivery partners to ship all across North America. We handle each shipment with utmost diligence, and offer the best and the most reasonable delivery fee.

How long will it take to receive my SGC products shipment?

We use various carrier companies to make deliveries happen for North America. The timeline for shipment varies from order-to-order.

We will send you an email with the tracking information of your order once you have made your purchase with us. You will recieve his email while your order is underway.

What is your return policy?

In order to return a merchandise, please call our toll free number 1-877-333-7081. One of our sales representative will help you with the return. During your call, please let us know your order number and the reason for your return.

Please note that we may exchange or refund items returned in their original condition within 30 days from the date of original purchase. However, there are no refunds for custom cut products.

Furthermore, we can’t issue refunds due to carrier delay. SGC reserves the right to authorize or refuse a refund as well as the cancellation of an order at its discretion. Please note that in case of a refund, we will deduct a 20% return/restocking fee from the refunded amount.

How can I exchange any purchases that I made from you?

We do not process exchanges. You can only return/refund a merchandise that you purchased. Please follow the return/refund instructions, and then place a new order.

About Our Products

Do you custom cut the artificial grass?

Our grass comes in pre-cut width sizes of 12ft and a few models also come on 6ft. The full rolls are 12ft x 100ft and 60ft x 50ft. We customize the length of the turf based on our clients’ requirements.

Do you have any scraps leftover?

For our clients in need of small quantities of grass, we offer our EzLawn model. It comes in dimensions of 3ft x 5ft; 5ft x 5ft and 5ft x 7ft.

Will my child be safe playing on artificial turf?

Our turf is environmentally friendly and safe for kids. All our turf is certified LEAD FREE. So, feel free to order it for those you love.

What models would you recommend for a pet turf system?

We recommend turf that comes with a backrest of polyurethane (PU). It does not retain sweat, liquids or urine. Thus, it greatly reduces the cleanliness and odour problems associated with dogs and artificial grass. We also recommend washing with pet urine deodorizer as often as possible.

We also offer artificial turf cleaner, deodorizer and infill for pet systems. It will further help you with keeping your pet area hygienic.

Why are there so many varieties of grass?

Each client has a different preference. Some prefer dark green tones with short grass fibres while others prefer a lengthier grass with light or olive green tones.

In addition, each type of grass serves a different function. Some are ideal for indoor gyms and crossfit, others are suitable for outdoor activities and certain models are more suited for golf or baseball.

Why is turf yarn shape important?

The shape of the blade provides the grass fibre with a texture and different colour tones. The fibre shapes  influence the artificial turf performance.

SGC offers different yarn forms from Oval-shaped grass to Omega and W-shaped grasses.

Does artificial grass get really hot during the summer?

Although the artificial grass might not be as cool as natural grass, it does not get as hot as some other terrain would be. Nonetheless, consider our Elite Cool and Luxury Lawn versions. These turfs are manufactured with special technology to keep the heat at bay!

To know more write to us today at or call 1-877-333-7081.

Is artificial grass eco-friendly?

Absolutely! In addition to being environmentally friendly, synthetic turf is economical as well!

  • It is about saving water! As you don’t have to water artificial grass, it will help you cut down on those hefty bills of water.
  • It does not require any harmful chemicals! As artificial grass doesn’t need any chemicals to survive, it keeps your money where it belongs!
  • You can reuse it and recycle it! Although artificial grass is made of plastic, it can be recycled easily.

For further information on repurposing and recycling, please visit our Eco-Friendly Products page on our website.

What is the lifetime of artificial grass?

If you purchase any of the grass in our Perfect Lawn series, we offer a 10-year warranty for all and any of our grass versions. It will last you way longer than that, though!

Do I have to use infill for the turf?

The usage of infill is optional. However, it largely depends on each project. In the case of high traffic areas, we recommend using infill. Also, in case of grass with low density as the infill will weigh it down to make it fuller.

Do you need infill for your project, write or speak with our experts today!

Do the 8” nails work with the Poly Green?

The 8 “spiral nails are generally required to secure the perimeter of the grass. These nails can be used if you fancy a fringe around your putting green area.

Alternatively, you can fold down the Poly Green after filling in the excavated area to insert the nails at an angle. This ensures a hidden nail head.

Please see our artificial grass installation guide to know more.

Can I use SGC Zeolite for Poly Green

Our Poly Green is perfect as it is! The fibers of our putting green grass are woven in a way to provide the best in class performance without using an infill.

Since SGC Zeolite has coarse grains, you can use the finest quality sand infill for our Poly Green model.

Can I store my roll of grass to install it next year?

The roll of grass has to be stored indoor. Any exposure to sunlight causes a heat buildup and eventually damages the tarp and melts the fibers.

How to install the grass on my deck without damaging it?

You may use a roofing membrane to protect your wood deck prior to installing the artificial grass.

How to weigh down the grass around a pool?

You may use dry sand to weigh down the grass. It doesn’t stick to wet feet.

How to clean artificial turf when installed indoor?

It is possible to use a vaccum to remove the dirt and the dust from the grass and a mop to clean it.

Make sure you don’t use a steam machine, it is too hot and may damage the fibers.

What is the length of your composite decking boards?

SGC offers 12-foot and 16-foot-long EzDeck composite deck boards. Each package has the same length for all standard decking, nosing, and fascia boards.

Would you be able to custom cut the deck boards at your distribution center?

We do not custom cut our deck boards. However, customers picking up their merchandise in our Mississauga Distribution Center can bring a saw to cut the deck boards to the desired length.

Do you have white composite boards?

On popular demand, we are pleased to introduce white fascia boards! You will find them in our Elite EzDeck collection.

Call our sales representative now for more details!

What composite decking brands do you carry?

Since the inception of our company, we have been in the business of marketing and selling our product.

Our EzDeck composite decking boards have been continuously leaving a mark in the composite deck market. Competing against big brands, EzDeck has delivered everything it promises to deliver!

Does the color of the deck fade over time?

We recommend opting for our EzDeck Elite or PVC Premium series deck boards. These boards come with a 25-year warranty and Lifetime warranty respectively.

These boards have a shield to protect them from fading, staining, scratching, moisture, and mildew.

Does composite decking get really hot during summer?

Just like any other surface, the composite deck does get hot too. However, it doesn’t get exceptionally hotter than wood decks.

The location, as well as the color of your deck, contribute to the rise in temperature just the same.

What clips should I use?

SGC offers three different kinds of fasteners for our EzDeck composite decking boards.

  • Nylon clips specifically for our EzDeck design series.
  • Stainless Steel clips for our Natural, Natural +, and Elite deck boards.
  • Coated Stainless Steel fasteners for our PVC premium series.

What are the spacing of the clips?

  • Nylon clips leave a 6mm gap between boards.
  • Stainless Steel clips leave a 2mm gap spacing which is invisible to the naked eye.
  • Premium Stainless Steel fasteners leave a 6mm gap between boards.

What is the maximum joist span that you recommend for your composite decking boards?

We recommend a maximum joist span for our composite decking boards is 14”. However, if you have 16” joist spans, we recommend using a 2×4 to shorten the distance.

For detailed info, please refer to our EzDeck installation guide.

Why do I need EzDeck Rain Protect and EzDeck Protect?

EzDeck Rain Protect is a membrane that creates drainage system for the water to drain. This membrane increases the longevity of the joists by preventing humidity and mold from snow and rain.

Whereas, you may apply our EzDeck Protect deck adhesive tape on top of the deck joists, ribbon boards, and structural posts. This product wraps around the joists structure to create a waterproof seal. This helps to avoid decay and rotting of framework underneath your deck.

Can I use any other transformer with the EzLED for stairs and fascia?

Our EzLED’s come with a power supply. You can only use these lights with the same power supply included.

How many individual LEDs can I attach to one EzLED power supply?

You can go up to 50 meters or 50 lights with a single power supply.

Can I shovel snow on my composite deck ?

Yes! It is possible to remove the accumulated snow using a plastic shovel.

Is it possible to spray salt on my composite deck?

It is 100% safe to use ice melt or rock salt on your composite deck. They are harmless and won’t cause any damage.

How to clean a deck ?

You may clean your composite deck using high pressure washer ( Not the industrial one). Prior to wash the whole deck, we recommend testing the washer on a small area.

I have two sides to my deck. Can I do one side at a time, and the other after a few months?

It is great to manage your budget. But, we recommend you get all the decking at one time. It is because manufacturing runs can slightly alter the hues in the deck boards.

What is the length of each composite fence board?

EzFence composite fence boards comes in 6.5-foot lengths.

What is the difference between the Chrome and the Matte aluminum posts?

SGC offers two aluminum fence options; Chrome and Matte. The Chrome posts are wet paint, traditionally coated aluminum posts. On the contrary, Matte posts are powder-coated, which is not only eco-friendly but also is more resistant to chipping and other wear and tear.

What is the maximum and minimum height for the EzFence system?

The recommended height is 6-feet. You can go up to 9-feet with our fencing system.

However, there is no minimum height as you can easily cut the posts using an aluminum saw.

What are the dimensions of the aluminum posts?

Our EzFence Chrome and Matte aluminum posts are 3×3 and come in the lengths of 50”, 74” and 108”.

However, there is no minimum height as you can easily cut the posts using an aluminum saw.

Do you custom cut the composite fence boards?

We do not custom cut our composite fence boards.

Do you custom cut the aluminum posts?

We do not custom cut our aluminum posts for fence.

What are the different methods of installing your aluminum posts?

We provide various installation methods for our clients:

  • Set/Bury the posts in Concrete – Insert the 3ft of the fence post in a 4ft deep hole and set in concrete.
  • Bolt the Posts on Solid Base –  In case of cemented/asphalt flooring, posts can be bolted onto the surface.
  • Fascia Mounting – This type of installation method meansmounting a privacy fence using a bracket onto the fascia of an existing deck.
  • Bolt the posts on a Retaining Wall – You can build a fence on top of a retaining wall that has enough width and solid foundation to hold the fence’s weight.
  • Screw the posts on top of a deck – Type of installation method means screwing a privacy fence on existing wood / composite deck.

Do you have composite posts?

No, we don’t carry composite posts.

Can I color match the posts with the EzFence boards?

We offer black Chrome and Matte aluminum posts with all packages of our EzFence system.

Can I use your aluminum posts with your EzDeck boards?

We provide our clients with color match options for both fencing and decking. But, we don’t recommend using our EzDeck boards for fencing.

We offer black Chrome and Matte aluminum posts with all packages of our EzFence system.

Do you sell railings?

Our clients love the aluminum Chrome and Matte posts that come in our EzFence composite fencing packages! Due to the huge demand for similar railings, SGC is extremely proud to introduce railings in the year 2021.

What tools do I need for the installation of your EzFence system?

The installation of our EzFence system doesn’t require any special tools. For details, please check our EzFence installation guide.

How are posts and beams cut?

You may cut any of our aluminum products using a general purpose wood blade.

Hmmm…couldn’t find answers to your turf queries? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Contact us today at 1-877-333-7081 or .