Large Composite Fencing HD

Enhance your backyard privacy and tranquility with our tall composite fencing,providing both aesthetic appeal and sound barrier capabilities, up to 15 feet high.


  • Effective, aesthetic and affordable acoustic barrier
  • Up to 15' high!
  • Swing door
  • Sliding gate
  • Solid wood!

Large composite fencing

Experience the beauty of wood without the maintenance with our composite fencing, available in four realistic wood-like textures: Teak, Slate Grey, Chocolate and Black






Upgrade your outdoor space with our oversized composite fencing boards, designed to make a bold and striking impact

Tall fencing options up to 15 feet

Tower over the competition with our tall composite fencing options, up to 15 feet high.

The various mounting options for the post

Posts installed in concrete.
Posts anchored to a concrete slab.
Posts bolted to a base.

Block Unwanted Noise Efficiently

Noise blocking features :

  • Sealing of the composite fence
  • Groove-inserted boards.

Maximum fence lowering to reduce the distance between the ground and the bottom of the fence:

  • Base cover with lowered profile
  • EZfence HD decoupling system

Decoupling system

  • Provide mobility to freeze and defrost
  • Reduce the pressure caused by the boards' weight.

Enhance Your Fencing with Decorative Mouldings

Multiple Installation Options : Middle, Top or Bottom of Fence

  • To insert in the middle of a panel we have a Top Insertion Moulding and a Bottom Insertion Moulding
  • To insert completely at the bottom or completely at the top we have a single Insertion Beam

straight angles

45 degree angles reached

Competitive Pricing for Durable Fencing

Get the Best Value for Your Fencing Investment

  • Very competitive prices for 8' projects height projects because 2.5x fewer posts are required.

Regular EZfence requires a maximum center to center distance of 4.5′ but causes a lot of waste so it is more economical to use 6.54′. but causes a lot of loss of board so it is more economical to use 6.54′.
EZfence HD can handle a distance of 10′ without loss

  • For example, for a 50' fence

You need 16 EZfence posts + 120 boards or 12 posts + 165 boards
You only need 6 Ezfence HD posts + 50 boards

Secure Your Property with our Hinge Gates

Robust and Anti-Theft Design

  • Same concept as our previous gates but more robust
  • This series' hinges are adjustable, and the screws are hidden.
  • Anti-theft system: Screws can't be accessed, hinge pin is held in place by a screw that cannot be removed
  • Two commercial locks made of stainless steel

Single Hinge Door

Double Folding Door

Sliding Gates

  • Good Quality
  • Cantilever System
  • Endless customization options
  • Solid and simple adjustments