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How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Artificial turf is a long lasting, durable option for homeowners in Barrie looking to spruce up their outdoor living spaces. Indeed, the longevity of artificial grass extends far beyond the warranties offered by suppliers. Furthermore, artificial grass can last up to 20 to 25 years. Therefore, for those in Barrie interested in artificial turf, read the following to learn how you can extend the lifetime of your turf:

What makes artificial grass durable?

There are multiple factors that affect the longevity and durability of your artificial grass, but below we list the three main ones for you:

  • Installation
  • Quality
  • Maintenance
  1. Installation

To begin, the subbase is a great indicator in regards to the longevity of artificial grass. First, a good subbase will aid the drainage. Large pools of rainwater will smoothly enter the turf and pass through the subbase with ease. Second, the installation will properly adhere the turf onto the surface. Most importantly, this will prevent the turf from becoming uneven or coming apart. Third, a subbase that is less than 4’’ deep might have issues with weed growing through the turf.

  • Quality

To begin, the quality of the artificial turf inevitably determines its longevity. Subpar turf results in loose fibers, tears in the backing, etc. Consequently, this type will require frequent replacement. We recommend a turf that has either a polyurethane or latex backing. Furthermore, we recommend turf that has a higher density and fiber length.

  • Maintenance

Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance. However, the little maintenance that you choose to do can go a long way in extending the turf’s lifetime. We recommend sweeping away debris. Additionally, we recommend covering the turf with tarp-like material prior to the arrival of snow.