Zeolite Pet Odour Control Infill 50 lbs


Our Zeolite is a multifaceted product as it not only fills the role of traditional artificial turf infill but it also removes the pungent odor caused by pet and wildlife waste. Our Zeolite eliminates odor by absorbing moisture and removing the conversion process of ammonium to gas. These granules are non toxic, natural volcanic minerals. The composition of these minerals are as follows: 97% pure clinoptilolite and 3% inert phlogopite. Infill is crucial in the artificial grass installation process therefore, you can’t go wrong in choosing our Zeolite product.


SGC Artificial Grass Granule Pet Odour Control Infill – Deodorizer – Antibacterial pellet for synthetic grass

SGC 50 lbs bag of Zeolite comes from a 100% natural resource of the earth. In fact, SGC Artificial Grass Granule cools the grass surface and eliminates odors by absorbing urine and ammonia before they turn into odious gas. This is different from any other infill. In reality, SGC Artificial Grass Granule is a negatively charged molecular structure in honeycomb. This structure absorbs urine like a magnet and prevents ammonia from forming a gas, which is the main cause of smell. SGC Artificial Grass Granule will attract all gases and retain them until the sodium ion (Na +) in the rainwater releases the magnetism. The force of heavy precipitation will empty the bacteria. Then, it will force them to penetrate the soil and to put them back in new condition. Sodium expels calcium ions and recharges the SGC Artificial Grass Granule when dry.

We recommend spreading one pound per square foot throughout the entire surface area. Please visit our installation guide for further information.

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Natural volcanic minerals (97% pure clinoptilolite and 3% inert phlogopite)

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1gal, 50lbs

Granule Size

0.9 mm to 2.9 mm