Synthetic grass

Where to use Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass in Winnipeg can be used in many different areas. Our PerfectLawn series offers a wide variety of synthetic grass in various lengths, textures and colors.

  1. Backyard

For cities like Winnipeg, having artificial grass comes as a blessing due to our harsh Canadian winters. It becomes really difficult to have a lush, green backyard in Winnipeg for a long period of time before it starts to get cold. Fortunately, with artificial turf in your backyard, you can see the green all-year round!

Living in an apartment can be tiring! Personalizing your space may become difficult depending your square footage and building’s management policies. Especially, when it comes to creating an outdoor living space in your narrow balcony! We’d recommend laying down our synthetic turf to add a touch of green!

  • Car Floor Mats

Skeptical? I know you’re thinking what is she even talking about? Trust me, car floor mats are a thing! Many past clients from Winnipeg have told us that they use leftover pieces from their landscaping projects as car floor mats! All you need to do is place your car mat on top of the turf and cut it accordingly using a sharp blade. Viola! You’ve got a luxurious interior, and a comfy resting place for your feet!

  • Driveways & Pavers

Say no to boring driveways and pavers! Artificial grass set in between pavers and flagstones provide a gorgeous finish! Best part, artificial turf is maintenance free and resistant against any weather conditions.

There are many creative ways to use artificial turf. If you’re interested in artificial grass, then look no further, SGC representatives would be more than happy to assist you!