Ezfence Composite fence panels

With their sophisticated appearance and flexibility, EZfence Fence Boards are the best maintenance-free option on the market today in the United States.

Our low-maintenance EzFence privacy panels improve outdoor living space. Available for all budgets and aesthetics. The greatest fence panels in the US for homes and businesses, Ezfence combines an elegant wood, timeless design with PVC and composite material advantages.

fence panels premium quality

Our Premium collection adds the perfect amount of luxury to your outdoor living space! The most resilient alternative for composite wood fencing.

Starting at $699 / Panel 6.5’L X 6′H

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Our Tropical series redefines composite with its distinctive colour palette, covered finish, and beautiful wood grain texture,

Starting at $629 / Panel 6.5’L X 6′H

Our Elite series provides premium composite with an unchanging colour scheme at an unbeatable price!

Starting at $569 / Panel 6.5’L X 6′H

Our Natural line mimics pressure-treated wood while offering all the benefits of composite fencing boards!

Starting at $529 / Panel 6.5’L X 6′H

Our Design series is suitable for all budgets, making it the ideal option for replacing pressure treated wood with an affordable cost.

Starting at $499 / Panel 6.5’L X 6′H

Scratch resistance
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UV resistant
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Solid Profile
composite fence panels
Scalloped profile
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5 colors
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Ezfence tropical Composite Fencing canada Composite reinforced hollow decking with a performance film Brushed & 100% HDPE composite fencing canada 25 Years
4 colors
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privacy fence Solid Composite with a high performance film 100% HDPE privacy composite fence 25 Years
8 colors
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best natural Composite Fencing in canada Composite reinforced hollow decking Brushed and heated composite best privacy fence 20 Years
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Ezfence design Composite Fencing Toronto Composite hollow decking Composite composite wood fence 10 Years
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Looking for the best posts for fences?

We have high strength aluminum posts with the most durable finish


Thick commercial grade aluminum
with Eggshell black finish

Up to 8 feet in height ( above ground )

20-Year warranty against flaking and fading

Better scratch resistance


Thick commercial grade aluminium
with high gloss black finish

Up to 8 feet in height (above ground)

10-year warranty against flaking and fading

Our composite fence panels are simple and easy to build with horizontal or vertical board configurations.

You may go horizontal or vertical. Our composite wood fence boards may be installed in either direction, so you can build your patio with durability and style.

vertical composite fencing

Fence Panels with
Black Aluminum Top Board Molding

Decorate your fence panels with Aluminum top Molding

Adds a touch of sophistication to your composite or PVC fence

Decorative fence topper and Lattices Panels

Select from ten various designs of creative screens to complement your composite fence panel.

With our 10 stunning types of decorative trim, screen, and lattice panels, your composite fence panels will look even better. Each Screen is composed of robust aluminum with a black premium finish, adding depth, texture, and complex patterns for a spectacular aesthetic impression.

Explore our collection right now to discover the perfect design for your outdoor.

Aluminum Fence Panels

Elegant and resilient Aluminum black Fence Panels for a contemporary and secure outdoor setting

Using our black Aluminum Slat Fence Panels, you can design a contemporary outdoor space. These durable aluminum panels are made from premium black aluminium, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your property while also enhancing its privacy and security.

Louver fence panels & shutters

With our Louver Fence Shutters, you can make your outdoor place private and stylish.

These hybrid louvered fence provide the ideal balance of privacy and flexibility, allowing you to create a peaceful retreat or open up your area to take in the view. Our shutters are durable and simple to operate, making them ideal for any outdoor space

Composite fence gate for Stylish Entryways

Enhance Your Privacy fences with Our Easy-to-Install Gate for fences

With our composite gate systems, you can enjoy the lovely wood grain as well as the toughness and strength of our aluminum posts. Our gate systems, which come in a variety of sizes and styles, are the perfect addition to your outdoor space because they make a beautiful and safe entryway.

Our Ezled led spots will light up your Exterior.

Upgrade your fence with this easy-to-install Ezled

The components of the Ezled LED lighting system are strong enough to withstand the elements for many years of service. Safely illuminate your composite fence and take joy in your new long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing backyard.


Plan your fence project

You don’t know from where to start? Follow these simple steps to plan your next project.


EzFence Colour Scheme

Explore the tones offered by EzFence series. Capture the essence of your outdoor space with our selection of colours!

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Gates Systems

We offer a set of accessories tailored for our EzFence system, including: gates, shutters, openwork molding, etc.


Composite Fencing Accessories

All the pieces and accessories you need to complete your fence project.

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EzFence Ideas

Discover some ideas where you can install the composite fencing Ezfence

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