Artificial Grass Warranty SGC – Perfect Lawn Series

Lead Free Certificate SGC – Perfect Lawn Series

UV Resistant Certificate SGC – Perfect Lawn Series

Ezpad 25mm & 45 mm | Tests & Certificates

Composite Decking Ezdeck™

Range Limited Warranty
EzDeck Design 10 years
EzDeck Natural 20 years
EzDeck Tropical 25 years
EzDeck Elite 25 years
EzDeck Premium Lifetime
EzDeck High-End Lifetime

Composite Fencing Ezfence™

Range Limited Warranty
Ezfence Design 10 year
Ezfence Natural 20 years
Ezfence Tropical 25 years
Ezfence Elite 25 years
Ezfence Premium

Ezclip Deck Tiles™

Range Ezclip
Ezclip Design 1 year
Ezclip Natural 2 years
Ezclip Elite 3 years
Ezclip Premium 5 years
Ezclip Turf, quartz, ocean et slate 3 years

Our Policies


In the first place, you must prepare a sufficient number of people upon the receipt of your order. With this in mind, the carrier company will not have any mandate to unload your order. In fact, the client is explicitly responsible for unloading their order. In case of a home delivery, the transport company will call the client twenty-four hours and two hours prior to its shipment. However, we cannot guarantee delivery time, we will not be held responsible for any errors or delays due to the transport company.

Installation of Synthetic Grass, Composite Wood or Composite Wood Fence

Another key point, SGC will not be held responsible for the installation or preparation of all our products. To clarify, any errors or issues that arise from the installation of these products must be resolved without involving SGC. This is, even if the latter offered training or information pertaining to its installation.

Price Error

In the third place, price errors due to technical issues cannot be attributable to SGC. To put it another way, the customer cannot use the error to their favour at the time of their purchase. In that case, SGC will correct the price error at any point in time during the transaction.

Quote Policy

Additionally, SGC strives for submissions to be as accurate as possible. However, SGC does not guarantee that the quantity of materials offered in the submission will be sufficient for your project. In effect, the client is specifically responsible to ensure that these quantities are sufficient to carry out the project bid. Under those circumstances, the client has the responsibility to pay for the missing products alongside a shipping fee. All prices included on our USA website are listed in USD and all prices included on our Canadian website are listed in CAD.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

You can exchange or refund items returned in their original condition within 30 days of the date of original purchase. However, there are no refunds or exchanges for custom cut products. Furthermore, no refunds can be issued due to carrier delays. At the same time, SGC has the right to authorize or refuse a refund as well as the cancellation of an order at its discretion. Moreover, if a refund is made, a 20% return fee will be deducted from the refunded amount for all composite decking boards, composite fencing boards and all the alluminium extrusion and aluminium parts. No refund on the glue.

Urban Planning By-laws and place of installation

Lastly, SGC is certainly not responsible for any regulations pertaining to the installation area, as well as in relation to the places in which the customer wishes to install our products. The customer must check himself whether he has permission to install our products in the desired location and whether the product is compatible with his project.

Judicial district

SGC and the Buyer agree, arising from the purchase of the product or the application of this warranty or for any reason relating to the product or their contractual relations, to choose the judicial district of Quebec as the appropriate place for the hearing of these claims or legal proceedings to the exclusion of any other judicial district which may have jurisdiction over such litigation according to the prescriptions of the law.