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Does Artificial Grass Raise the Value of My Property in Regina?

Many residents in Regina Saskatchewan are curious to know whether artificial grass really raises the property value of a home. It definitely does! Every realtor will suggest investing in landscape renovation. Reason being, the curb appeal of a home greatly affects the buyer’s decision. However, there are several aspects Regina homeowners may need to take into consideration prior to purchasing artificial turf:

  • Quality vs Price

The quality and technology of artificial turf has come a long way. Now Regina homeowners have a multitude of purchasing options. These options range in price. Most often, the higher the price, the denser the turf and longer the fibers.

These mid to high range models are strongly recommended for residential landscape renovations. Reason being, a lower priced turf often has a subpar quality resulting in a lower life span. More specifically, this turf sheds which creates gaps/patches throughout the area. This will ruin the overall aesthetic of your property.

Meanwhile, on the opposite spectrum, a mid to higher priced turf will enhance the overall look of your property. Therefore, we strongly suggest homeowners to carefully choose the artificial grass, focusing more on quality than the price. Afterall, it’s for your home!

  • Overall Landscape Design

It’s important to integrate the artificial turf into the overall landscape design of your property. In fact, artificial turf should act as an enhancement, blending with the various other vegetation. A composite deck, fence, and shrubbery affect the type of turf best suited for your backyard.

For example, a darker olive-green artificial grass model will complement a darker toned composite deck and fence. Overall, it will be really easy to catch the attention of the potential buyers with a luxuriously green backyard!

Yes! Artificial grass will raise the value of your property. Give it a try!