PinkWhite Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Fiber Height: 28 mm / 1.10 in
Density: 40 oz
Colors: Pink & White
Length: 50ft
Width: 6ft
Traffic: Low to medium


Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price


When decorating a kindergarten or a classroom, it is crucial to create a playful and bright space for kids. The PinkWhite turf is the best option to add to the kids’ space. It is a two-tone turf: pink & white. The white and pink artificial grass has a medium fiber height of 28 mm | 1.10 in. The pinkwhite turf may be used for events, gyms and playgrounds as well.

The colour turf is also available in: red, yellow, black, blue, purple and white.

Additional information


40 oz

Fiber Height

28 mm / 1.10 in

Roll dimensions

6 ft x 50 ft


Commercial, Pet Turf, Playground, Residential, Sports Field, Terrace & Penthouse