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Why using Joint Tape for artificial grass?

The Perfectlawn Series Self Adhesive Joint Tape

The self adhesive joint tape is an accessory in the Perfectlawn Series. This seaming tape joins the edges of your artificial grass. This is one of the most durable and resistant on the market. It has a sheet of protective paper that you will need to remove and the adhesion is directly on the tape. You will not require any tools, therefore this will leave a clean and invisible joint

What is Self Adhesive Joint Tape

Self adhesive joint tape is a canvas based adhesive that is protected with a self adhesive paper shield.

How to Apply

The best advise given is that you will need to keep 2 mm at the joint between both surfaces. The space should be the size of the ball point of a pen. You want to make sure that the blades do not overlap each other.

If you need to cut your artificial grass to make a joint, ensure that you use a new blade on an exacto knife to make a clean cut. You will cut the artificial grass from the base (latex side). This is recommended to avoid cutting the fibers and causing fraying.
Then lay your adhesive tape along the joints but DO NOT remove the self adhesive paper shield. This will protect you during installation. The membrane of the adhesive is made for durability, therefore if taped wrong you may lose out on tape or grass. Once the joints are secure to the tape please apply pressure to the area and the artificial grass will stick.

 Why not glue?

Glue is not recommended because glue can be very messy. In the past glue was the best way to secure your joints with artificial grass. It can also damage The market however has upgraded to less messy option which was the self adhesive join tape. SGC took this idea and decided to create a self adhesive tape that will provide the same adhesion as glue and less visible.

The Perfectlawn Series 8′ Nails

The nails found in the Perfectlawn Series are nails that are specially designed for artificial grass. They are 8 inches long , spiral and non galvanized. We recommend to put 1 nail minimum at each linear foot of your perimeter. You can also add a few in the middle for extra security on your surface. The only tool that you will need is a hammer.

We advise to spread the fiber of the artificial grass before you nail it down so you can make sure that you will not see the head of the nails. Above all, your artificial grass surface will be secure for years and your project will look clean and safe.


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