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Composite Decking

Our Composite Deck Guide – Outdoor Living Made Simple

Many homeowners have the ability to choose a variety of options for their outdoor living needs. We offer packages that are perfect for each and every budget. Furthermore, our unique designs and vibrant colours will create any design aspiration come to life! Here are a few reasons why you should choose SGC for your future composite deck!

  • High Quality Products

SGC focuses solely on low maintenance outdoor living products. Therefore, we enforce stringent standards when it comes to the products that are sold to Canadian consumers. First, Our NATURAL package carries waterproof boards. The surface area of these boards repels moisture and mildew. Second, the composite boards in our ELITE package are coated with a 1.5mm thick shield that protect them from moisture, mildew, UV fading, staining, etc. Third, our PREMIUM package is composed of PVC. This package is the most suitable for those looking for a lifetime warranty.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Composite is a mixture of plastic and wood. The composition of these boards is mainly sourced from recycled materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. In fact, while composite boards cannot be recycled after usage, it still lowers the consumption of natural wood. Natural wood decking requires regular maintenance with toxic chemicals. Furthermore, homeowners will need to regularly replace these boards.

  • Low Cost & Future Investment

SGC has a wide range of composite decking suitable for any budget. Our DESIGN package offers high quality composite boards for a very low price. While the price tag may be cheap, the boards are durable and long lasting. These boards will definitely last beyond the ten year warranty. Furthermore, homeowners will never need to stain these boards. Canadians looking for a budget friendly option for their composite decking needs need to look no further than SGC.