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Self Adhesive Seaming Tape for Artificial Grass 20′ roll

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Artificial Grass Seaming Tape

SGC Self Adhesive Seaming Tape is the perfect accessory for installing a clean, invisible seam. This innovative accessory removes the need for messy artificial grass glue. Our artificial grass tape’s outer layer is a premium non-woven fabric. In addition, its inner layer has a coat of a strong self-adhesive membrane. Also, a plastic film protects the self-adhesive membrane. Furthermore, this strong self-adhesive membrane is specifically for artificial grass. Our self adhesive tape will ensure that your artificial turf pieces are properly attached together.

For the installation,  you should place our tape underneath the artificial turf pieces. The self-adhesive inner layer must be right against the latex or polyurethane backing. We recommend leaving a 1mm gap between these pieces in order to prevent them from buckling or overlapping. Please see our installation guide for more information.


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Self-Adhesive membrane protected by a release film


High quality non-woven fabric


Per roll or per foot


Water proof, weather proof, UV resistant


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