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Perfect Lawn 6′

Price will be available soon sq. ft.

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Density: 55 oz | Fiber Height: 38 mm

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What is the best type of artificial turf? PerfectLawn

Our PerfectLawn model’s custom blend of field green and olive green fibers makes it the best type of artificial grass. Actually, it replicates natural grass to perfection, creating a stunning visual in your outdoor space! In addition, the depth and dimension added by our two-tone blend as well as the practicality of its polyurethane backing, makes our PerfectLawn model the ideal choice for any homeowner. We also recommend this model for residential backyards, pet turf areas, playgrounds, and general landscaping applications.

Another key point, SGC values quality, therefore we strive towards pushing the boundaries of turf technological innovation with our PerfectLawn series. In fact, our PerfectLawn model utilizes ‘V’ shaped fibers to extend the durability and longevity by reducing the wear and tear caused by traffic, weather conditions, and debris. Furthermore, its polyurethane backing is extremely resistant against many substances such as pet urine, as well as general abrasions which makes it the best artificial turf. In a word, the versatility, appearance, and durability of our PerfectLawn model makes it the “perfect” choice for your project!



Medium to Heavy Traffic
Pet Turf
Golf Green
Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds
General Landscape
Residential Backyards


Additional information


55 oz

Fiber Height

38 mm

Fiber Material

Polypropylene & Polyethylene

Backing Material



12ft by 100ft / 6ft by 50ft

Square footage

1200 / 300


10 years


UV Resistant, Frost & Heat Resistant, Anti-Reflective, Lead Free, Non-Flammable, Eco-Friendly, Recyclable


Commercial, Pet Turf, Playground, Residential, Sports Field, Terrace & Penthouse