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Box of Nails for Artificial Grass

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1 box = 325 nails

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Box of 8″ twisted artificial grass nails (325)

Our 8’’ non-galvanized artificial grass spikes are premium quality, durable fastening accessories. You need to use them to affix artificial turf onto the subbase. In fact, these nails are specifically designed for artificial grass. The non-galvanized feature prevents the nails from popping out of the subbase as it expands and rusts over time. We, also, guarantee that our 8’’ non galvanized nails will have a secure hold over your artificial turf.

We recommend inserting a nail every six inches to a foot around the perimeter of the installed surface area. Furthermore, we recommend inserting a few artificial grass spikes within the area if you opt out of turf infill. Please see our installation guide for more information.



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Non-galvanized spiral nails


50lbs per box


Per box (325 nails) or per nail