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Adhesive joist tape Ezdeck Protect 2” X 75′

Price will be available soon

  • Helps extend the service life of the deck
  • Easy to install at any temperature
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Not affected by freezing temperatures.
  • Not designed for hot welding.
  • Can be used for composite boards and natural wood timber
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Adhesive joist tape for composite decking – Ezdeck Protect

The SGC EzDeck Protect deck (adhesive joist tape) is applied on top of the deck joists, ribbon boards, and structural posts. This product wraps around the joists structure to create a waterproof seal. This helps to avoid decay and rotting of framework underneath your deck.

Undoubtedly, EzDeck deck Protect adhesive tape gives you a big return on your deck investment. This product not only obstructs water infiltration on your deck joists, but will also prolong the span of your deck and beam structure.

Easy install: Remove the protector film and stick to the beams! No staples, no tools.


Additional information

Roll dimension

2\'\' x 75‘ (5.08cm x 22,9m) 


75 ft (22.86m)


1 mm

Weight of the roll

3.3 lb


Polyethylene + tar


4 in (10 cm)