Synthetic grass

Subbase Installation Guide for Residents in Chicago!

Many residents in Chicago have turned to artificial turf for their outdoor living spaces. In fact, artificial grass is gaining popularity in the suburbs of Long Grove, Hinsdale, and South Barrington. The lifetime of artificial grass can range upwards of 20 to 25 years. Most noteworthy, the installation process significantly impacts the longevity of your artificial turf. We recommend a solid base. See below for our step by step process in creating the best subbase for your artificial grass.

Step 1 – Clear Out

  • Clear up the area of installation.
    • First, clean up any surface level debris.
    • Second, remove any vegetation you deem unfit for the area. For example, if there are any shrubs that are in the way or any wild vegetation surrounding the area.
  • We recommend you begin with this step as it will shorten the excavation process.

Step 2 – Excavate

  • Excavate 4 inches deep for the reason that this step will ensure the prevention of weed growth.
  • For example, there were cases where clients who excavated 2 inches still had the issue of weeds growing through the artificial turf. Consequently, they needed to redo the installation of their artificial turf.

 Step 3 – Geotextile

  • Clean and smooth out the surface area with a rake.
  • Lay out your commercial geotextile.
    • First, the commercial geotextile will serve as a weed barrier.
    • Second, the commercial geotextile will act as a barrier between the subbase and the soil.
    • Third, it’s environmentally friendly as it reduces the consumption of pesticides.

Step 4 – Clean Stone

  • Backfill the excavated area with ¼ or ½ clean stone.
  • Backfill will further aid in the drainage process because the rainwater will enter through the turf’s drainage hole and trickle through the subbase.
  • This will prevent the pooling of rainwater during the raining season of Chicago.