Hello Calgary! Here are Some Benefits of Composite Decking and Fencing Boards
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Hello Calgary! Here are Some Benefits of Composite Decking and Fencing Boards

At SGC, we strive towards providing homeowners in Calgary with a completely maintenance free backyard with our composite decking and composite fencing. This material has gained popularity in Canada over the years for a good reason. If you’re currently looking to revamp your fence or deck, there are many benefits that come with investing in composite boards.

Long lasting boards

Composite boards are a mixture of plastic and wood. This blend extends the longevity of our composite boards. Our entry level composite boards have a guaranteed 10 year lifetime, while others have 20 year and 25 year warranty. Other added benefits are UV resistant, moisture and mildew resistant, as well as scratch and stain resistant.

The colour finish of your composite boards will not peel or rapidly fade. Furthermore, these boards are made with deep wood grain patterns and beautiful brushed vibrant colours. The colour selection we have to offer is one of the largest in Canada. Homeowners in Calgary have the ability to create unique, and aesthetically pleasing designs. By choosing a darker colour as a border, many are able to exercise their taste.


Composite boards are environmentally friendly as manufacturers use recycled material. Plastic takes a long time to break down in landfills therefore, it’s important to invest in industries that recycle plastic. Furthermore, these boards do not require annual staining and resealing. Consequently, removing toxic chemicals in your outdoor space. 

These boards may seem expensive due to the initial cost however, removing the annual staining process of a natural wood deck or fence as well as the continuous replacement of natural wood boards make composite boards more cost effective. Furthermore, we offer multiple packages for every budget.

More and more homeowners in Calgary are looking to enjoy their outdoor space while also reducing the amount of time spent on maintenance. If you’re interested in composite, then look no further, SGC representatives would be more than happy to assist you in beautifying your outdoor space.