Artificial Grass keeps Zombies from digging their way out of -Graves-during-Halloween!
Synthetic grass

Artificial Grass keeps Zombies from digging their way out of Graves during Halloween!

Did you zombie proof your lawn this season? Halloween is just a few days away, you may need to have your house protected, especially your lawn. There is a big chance that the dead will come out from your yard. Did you know, artificial turf obstructs zombies raising from their graves? Continue reading to know how!

Seal it with SGC’s Perfect Lawn Series

These miscreants will find their way from any opening in your garden. It is important to realize, having buzzers or traps won’t be sufficient. Seal your yard with artificial turf. We at SGC have a bunch of different options in our Perfect lawn Series. All you need to do is, choose the grass that you like, hammer down the fake grass with galvanised nails. And voila, garden is now zombie proofed!

Use infill for Extra-Protection

If you think that the fake turf alone isn’t enough, for you might have a herd of these visitors; consider putting turf infill. SGC offers one of the best artificial grass infill on the market. This will make the turf lay flat on the ground by giving it some more weight. Consequently, zombies will be hindered

With this combination, you’re good for the many seasons of Halloween! This can stand up to any kind of Halloween mischief. Moreover, you will not have to worry about cleaning and mowing your lawn for the coming winter. You can sleep in an hour more!

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