Fake grass – Artificial Grass

Presently, artificial grass ( A.K.A Fake grass ) is gaining a large popularity in Canada and in the USA. Particularly, because of its multiple uses. For example, synthetic grass is used for landscaping projects. Also, people are opting for artificial grass to create golf courses. In the meantime, astro tuf may be used to create gren spaces on rooftops. In fact, it helps turning empty spaces into usable areas to relax, to gather even more to enjoy the city view.

Mini PerfectLawn 6ft

$2.99 sq. ft.

Perfect Lawn Mini

$2.99 sq. ft.

Poly Green pro

$4.47 sq. ft.


$4.79 sq. ft.


$3.58 sq. ft.

Green Sled Turf


Pink Sled Turf


Red Sled Turf


PurpleWhite Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Black Sled Turf


EZLAWN 5′ X 20′


EZLAWN 5′ X 25′


Poly Orange

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Bright Red

$3.95 sq. ft.

Bright Red Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Orange Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Blue Sled Turf


Tee Grass

$8.30 sq. ft.

EcoLawn 6′

$2.67 sq. ft.


$2.67 sq. ft.

Poly Green 6′

$3.81 sq. ft.

Avantage 6′

$3.86 sq. ft.

Perfect Lawn 6′

$3.49 sq. ft.

PinkWhite Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Poly Black

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Grey

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Pad Indoor turf

$6.35 sq. ft.

White Artificial Grass


Black Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Purple Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

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