Artificial grass for offices, events, exhibitions, interior design and colored grass

Events and exhibitions are certainly numerous and never-ending. With this in mind, SGC offers a large selection of grass for interior design. It was in fact requested by interior designers who want to add a special touch to their projects. For instance, they may use our grass in offices, for events, etc..  Another key point, we recommend using double sided seaming tape for a temporary application. Also, the grass can be glued on the wall as well.

In the mean time, lots of offices are adding some greenary to their work space. In reality, the green color relaxes the eyes and it is easy to process.


Poly Green pro

$4.47 sq. ft.


$4.79 sq. ft.

PurpleWhite Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

EZLAWN 5′ X 20′


EZLAWN 5′ X 25′


Poly Orange

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Bright Red

$3.95 sq. ft.

Bright Red Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Orange Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Poly Green 6′

$3.81 sq. ft.

Avantage 6′

$3.86 sq. ft.

Perfect Lawn 6′

$3.49 sq. ft.

PinkWhite Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Poly Black

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Grey

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Pad Indoor turf

$6.35 sq. ft.

White Artificial Grass


Black Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Purple Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Red Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Blue Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Yellow Turf

$3.41 sq. ft.

Poly White

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Yellow

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Red

$3.95 sq. ft.

Poly Magenta

$3.95 sq. ft.


$3.86 sq. ft.

EZLAWN 5′ X 10′


EZLAWN 5′ X 15′


EZLAWN 5′ X 5′


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