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Composite Fencing

Creative Fence Ideas: Inspiration to Action Plan

Turn your outdoor living aspirations into an action plan. Below are some creative fence ideas, inspiration and color schemes for your outdoor spaces.

Get Inspired with EzFence!

Color Schemes

Color match your home with our fence! Ezfence offers a wide range of colors that will perfectly match the aesthetics of your house. Our colors range from light greys to dark browns. For example, past clients have purchased Light Grey from our Elite package to match their red brick home.

In addition, homeowners may also choose bold accent colors to create a contrast. For instance, our Teak fence framing a black house will definitely create a bold statement.

Personalize your Fence

First option, light up your fence with our LED illuminating lights! Our Ezled lights are designed to enhance the appearance of your backyard landscaping. Our LED lights are not only pleasing to look at but also give a welcoming effect to outdoor spaces.

Second option, personalizing your fence by adding our openwork aluminum molding to your composite fence. These decorative patterns are appreciated by all our past clients for they give a distinctive appearance.

Dream to Reality: Buying Advice

Beginning from the initial consultation to giving it the final touches, our sales representatives are ready to help you organize your project. We’d be able to offer expert advice that will help you make the right choices for your project. Our fence system provides various installation methods depending on your landscape.

Additionally, our fence system also provides the option to customize the height of your fence. You can go up to 9ft with our fencing system. We also provide homeowners the option of single and double gates. The width of these gates can be customizable to your preference.

For further creative fence ideas, visit our pinterest page or contact us at 1-877-333-7081 or email us at