Synthetic grass

Los Angeles Artificial Turf: Upkeeping Tips

Artificial turf is growing in popularity in Los Angeles as consumers are looking towards maintenance-free options for their outdoor living spaces. Likewise, artificial grass does not require any regular maintenance i.e. – pesticides, mowing and watering. Furthermore, there are several ways you can extend the longevity and appearance of your artificial turf. Ultimately, the tips outlined below will guarantee that your artificial grass will maintain your Los Angeles home’s curb appeal for a very long time!

Tackling Residues

Remove scrap or any other residue with a conventional plastic rake. Regularly clean your artificial grass with a broom. Both will ensure that your artificial grass fibers will remain upright which will enhance the overall natural appearance of the turf.

Removing Dirt

A motorized sweeper will lift dirt and dust particles trapped in between the artificial grass fibers. We suggest you also use this product towards the end of the installation process.

Pet Odors

For any pet odor/residue, we recommend our zeolite and deodorizer accessories. Our deodorizer comes in a spray bottle and its purpose is to eliminate the smell of pet urine. Our Zeolite comes in 50lb bags filled with granules that are inserted into the artificial grass to further mask the odor and cap the amount of pet urine that is released into the sub-base.

Artificial grass, like many other maintenance free products, may need some upkeep throughout the years however this will ensure the quality of your artificial grass throughout the years.