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Synthetic grass

Vancouver, Switch to Artificial Grass!

Vancouver is estimated to face a water shortage within the next decade. Consequently, increased hydro bills will impact outdoor living for many in British Columbia. Furthermore, water restrictions have tightened over the years. Equally, Canadians are looking for eco-friendly options with the recent debates surrounding climate change. Now would be the best time to switch to artificial grass! Here are some reasons why you should consider synthetic turf:

SGC Eco Friendly Artificial Turf

Synthetic Grass & Composite (SGC) is proud to provide an eco-friendly solution with our PerfectLawn Series. Furthermore, SGC offers a large variety of artificial turf models for residential homes, commercial properties, playgrounds, and sports fields.

Water Consumption vs. Lawn Care

Every square meter of natural grass replaced with artificial turf saves 2,200 gallons of water per year! Therefore, lawns are a major target when it comes towards reducing water consumption. In fact, residential neighbourhoods in Vancouver have the potential of increasing water usage up to 50% during summer and early fall due to lawn watering!

Toxic Lawn Treatments

Likewise, ingredients that target weeds and insects in lawncare products pose a risk to wildlife, pets, family, and friends. Pesticides and lawn treatments release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and water supply. Consequently, they negatively impact our health.

PerfectLawn Series & Geotextile Solutions

Similarly , SGC provides an eco-friendly solution: artificial turf and geotextile landscaping fabric! Our landscape fabric prevents the growth of weeds. Likewise, our artificial turf looks beautiful all year round without the use of water or lawncare treatments.

Homeowners in British Columbia are looking to enjoy their outdoor space while being environmentally conscious. If you’re interested in artificial turf then look no further, SGC representatives would be more than happy to assist you in beautifying your outdoor space.