Enclose Your Yard with our strong and long lasting composite fence!
Composite Fencing

Enclose Your Yard with our strong and long lasting composite fence!

With numerous choices of fence material and finishes, anyone is bound to get confused. Composite fencing, however is making its mark in California. Not only for being cost-effective, but also for durability and design flexibility.

Certainly, SGC makes fencing installation easy, we make EzFence *wink wink*. Want to know what makes EzFence the best choice, read on!

Easy to Install

EzFence composite boards are a tongue and grove system. It means all you need to do is lock the bottom beam, slide down the boards, lock the top beam and your fence is good to go!

Check out our EzFence installation guide for more details. 3D installation guide releasing soon!

Fits every Budget

Along with lowering the installation time, it also lowers the overall labor cost. Also, with our EzFence composite boards you have multiple options to choose from that won’t hurt your pocket.


Life in California is hectic, nobody wants anything that needs a lot of maintenance. SGC’s composite fencing boards require minimal maintenance. You wouldn’t need to worry about painting or staining the boards, and to have a cherry on top, these boards are moisture and mildew resistant!

Sturdy and Strong

We engineered our Ezfence composite boards to last for decades. Our fence boards provide the appearance of wood minus the demerits. They wont warp or get infested as they are covered with a protective exterior layer.

These are just a few benefits, contact our SGC representatives today to learn more!