Composite Deck Tiles

How to decorate a balcony with a low budget?

Your balcony is an extension of your house. A place where you can take a coffee, watch the sunset, chat with your friends. If you are one of lucky people who have a balcony and you are stuck on how to decorate it, this guide is for you.

There are few steps to follow when you are remodeling a balcony.

  1. Cover the concrete ground

  • Interlocking Balcony Tiles

Apartment balconies usually come with a concrete floor which is not comfortable to feet and doesn’t look great. We suggest adding interlocking tiles as they are very simple to install and don’t require any construction background nor an effort. The tiles are usually 11.88’’ x 11.88” and come in different colors and materials (composite, quartz, slate and artificial grass). Choose the tiles according to the color palette you’re applying and the atmosphere you’re creating.

The cost of 72 tiles to cover a balcony of 6’ x 12’ would be $414. This price would be for the Ezclip Elite line which is our high-end quality tiles. The tiles are moisture, mildew, scratching, staining and fading resistant.

There is another option to cover the balcony ground is to install some artificial turf. The grass is custom cut to the length of the balcony and it comes in a roll. A roll of 6’ x 12’ would cost $244.08. The artificial grass is fading and staining resistant, fireproof and requires low to no maintenance.

To install the grass, you need first to unroll it on the ground. Adjust the turf in place and trim any excess using a sharp utility knife. You may use either artificial grass glue or heavy-duty double-sided tape to secure the grass to the ground.

  1. Add outdoor furniture

The first thing you should think about when you are designing your space is its functionality. Will it be a place for dining? Or is it a place to relax?

Whether it’s a cozy sofa with lots of cushions or a dining table with chairs. The most important thing to keep in mind is to leave enough space where you can move around freely.

We also recommend getting foldable furniture so that you can put it aside during the winter.


  1. Add some plants

Adding greenery to your outdoor space will add a beautiful contrast to the space and make it look more expensive. Being surrounded by plants bring in the feeling of nature freshness even in the middle of a crowded noisy city.

The plants are usually pushed to the edges of the balcony and displayed on different height levels to create a layering effect.

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