Composite Decking

Composite Deck Inspiration for Outdoor Living Spaces

Many Canadians have been looking towards composite decking for their outdoor living spaces. The gaining popularity of composite decking in North America has provided consumers with a wide variety of options that suit any budget and design aspiration. Furthermore, homeowners have been approaching their outdoor living spaces with the same aesthetic aspirations as their indoor spaces. SGC clients have completed fantastic projects using our composite boards. Below are a few composite deck design inspiration that have been popular choices for many homeowners:


First, the modern design approach celebrates minimalism. This approach utilizes a monochromatic color palette. Accordingly, many may easily apply a modern design to their composite deck. In fact, our homeowners in Toronto and California have applied this style using our products.

For example, the color moka from our NATURAL+ package creates a beautiful, minimalistic design. Its neutral brown tone works for many outdoor living spaces. Comparatively, clients that want to create a bold statement choose our color black. Either choice aligns with a monochromatic color palette. For more composite deck design, check our pinterest page!


Consequently, we recommend a biochromatic approach for those that would prefer an intricate design choice. This approach utilizes different color choices to create a bold impression. Hence, our clients in Edmonton and Dallas have used SGC’s large color palette to create such designs. Indeed, these type of combinations are limitless. A few popular approaches have been:

  • Natural Dark from our ELITE package as the primary color for the body of the deck. Sandy Beach from our ELITE package as the secondary color for the border of the deck.
  • Slate Grey from our NATURAL package as the primary color for the body of the deck. Black from our NATURAL package as the secondary color for the border.