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Balcony grass carpet

Balcony grass carpet

Our balcony grass carpet will cover your old concrete patio and will make it more beautiful and comfortable. We see more often  homeowners selling their homes for condominiums and apartments. They no longer have the time to maintain the home or the need for unnecessary space. Ultimately the majority of home owners factor in the unnecessary money spent on the maintenance of their property and move onto a space that seems more fitting to their monthly budgets. Ironically as much as home owners try to steer away from the maintained clean cut house and yard that they turn their balcony/terrace space by adding artificial grass.

Artificial grass on terraces and balconies have become the newest trend in today’s landscaping methods. This is your space outdoors why not make it feel like the typical backyard.

How will this look?

When you live in a building with a balcony, you know the space can be limited. But you can make the space look visually appealing. Having beautiful lawn to look out on and enjoy year round will set the mood for sure. Even from the comfort of a high-rise building. A cement floor just isn’t inviting like artificial turf is. Artificial grass looks great on balconies and terraces. Restaurants, patios, and roof tops are also common applications for artificial turf. The application of artificial turf on these areas have opened up the possibilities for decor. Green space has become just that, and in areas where natural grass just isn’t an option, artificial turf does the trick. When landscaping your balcony starts with artificial turf, you create a great foundation for a bright and clean outdoor space – one that’s warm and inviting.

Maintenance Costs

The instant lawn that is created when artificial turf is installed is very affordable and requires very little maintenance. Keeping your balcony grass carpet looking beautiful doesn’t take the expense and time that natural grass does. When installed on a balcony, even less money and effort is needed.  Ultimately the maintenance for your balcony becomes minimal. This might simply involve hosing down your artificial turf if there is any debris or pet dirt gets on it. If your pet is using this space, you may need to clean more often. No need for weeding, seeding, watering or mowing. Installing artificial turf onto your balcony saves money and time as well- time that could be spent enjoying the beauty of your lawn.

Will my Pets like it?

During the hot months of summer, a balcony with artificial turf will provide an excellent place for your pet to relax and take in the rays. The artificial turf in our Perfect Lawn Series can be cool on your feet and likewise on those furry paws. In the middle of summer, a cement balcony can make it impossible for your pet to enjoy the outdoors. SGC does keep your pet in mind, we have designed turf grass such as our Elite Cool. The fibers are anti-reflective which decreases the heat retained in the synthetic grass. Above all with the cool technology, your pet will enjoy a cooler surface. You and your pet will find yourselves enjoying your outdoor space, no matter how small it is, more often. When your pet needs out at 2 am, artificial turf will be appreciated by both pet and pet owner. That balcony with its inviting grass, will be a great substitute for the dark unknown. There is no comparison to the comfort that artificial turf will provide. Discover the best balcony grass carpet on the market. 

5 thoughts on “Balcony grass carpet

  1. Prabhjot Kumar says:

    Please get in touch for my condo at 110 Charles Street East Toronto

    1. SGC Products says:

      Hello Prabhjot,

      We will contact you via email within the next 24 hours.

      Kind regards.

  2. Helena says:

    Hi I was looking to get a quote on a grass carpet to cover my balcony. Will it be installed for me?

    The measurements are
    47” W
    (17 feet) 204” L

    1. SGC Products says:

      Hello Helena,
      We only supply materials, we don’t do the installation. The cost of the grass + the double sided tape would be: $284.30.
      Have a good day!

  3. Nishchal Sarin says:

    I am looking for my condo , could you send the quote
    Width is 5.8 ft and length is 20 ft


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