Lawn Pad Ezpad

The cushioning pad ezpad installation guide. The lawn pad ezpad protects the kids and sports players from the head injuries when falling down. It is important before the installation that you meet or exceed the critical fall height of your installation. 

lawn pad



The Ezpad 23mm is an absorption and draining surface for playgrounds and sports fields. The cushioning pad Ezpad is installed underneath the synthetic grass like a puzzle.

  •   Attracts less heat than rubber granule
  •   Increased shock absorption and reduces the risk of player injuries.
  •   Not abrasive
  •   No rubber granules in schools, uniforms and in the mouth of the players.
  •   Free of hazardous materials
  •   Safe for the health of players and children
  •   Effective drainage
  •   Meets international industry standards 
  •   Competitive price

lawn pad ezpad