Premium Aluminum Lattices and decorative fence topper

Decorate your composite fence with our durable and stylish Fence topper.




Add Elegance to Your Composite Fencing with Decorative Fence Toppers and Modern Lattice Panels

Dimensions: 80 inches Hight x 12 inches Width

Our decorative trim molding and lattice panels are the way to go if you want to give your composite fencing panels a more finished appearance. This will accomplish what you set out to do. These panels can be installed in place of two fence boards, giving your backyard a fresh and modern look while preserving your privacy at the same time. The Horizontal Aluminum Decorative Screens divide the panel into two sections: the lower section is made up of modern horizontal infill boards for increased privacy, and the upper section is made up of decorative screen panels in a wide range of designs. The infill boards on the lower section are contemporary, and the decorative screen panels on the upper section are available in a wide range of styles. Both boards can be set into place with a simple slide, and they will remain fixed by structural post channels that are designed for heavy-duty use. The length of our Decorative Trim Molding and Lattice Panels is 80 inches, the width is 12 inches, and the thickness is 0.25 inches. These products are available in a variety of different styles.

Available in 10 Model

fence topper lattice panels

Decorative fence topper – Tree Design

lattice fence topper lattice panels

Decorative fence topper – Soap Design

lattice fence topper

Decorative fence topper – Greek Design

lattice fence topper

Lattice panels with Modern Design

lattice fence topper

Lattice privacy panels with Flower design

lattice fence topper

aluminum lattice fence – Leaf Design

Lattice panels with Stone Design

Lattice privacy panels with plants design

aluminum lattice fence – bricks Design

Privacy Lattice – Cubic Design