Synthetic grass

Unique Ways to Use Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications in many different ways. For this reason, our Perfect Lawn series offers a wide range of synthetic grass in various lengths, textures, and colours. Without further ado, we show you our absolute favourite ways of using artificial turf.

  • Backyard

One of the most common areas homeowners use artificial turf is in their backyards. Changing weather conditions, hectic lifestyle, and demanding nature of natural grass, it is challenging to have a lush, green backyard all-year-round. Fortunately, with artificial grass in your backyard, you can enjoy the greenery for a prolonged period.

  • Balconies

Living in an apartment certainly has its perks and hurts! As it turns out, personalizing your space may become difficult depending on your building’s management policies, as well as, creating an outdoor living space on your narrow balcony. Adding a touch of green, with our Perfect Lawn series, will not only give you the desired personal touch. But it will also make your space lively!

  • Interior Decoration

Artificial grass can bring out your hidden artist! Everyone has a room, or a corner, in their home that they want to redecorate. This is where the SGC Perfect Lawn series can help! Using natural-looking turf or even a coloured grass can change the look of your bland area. All you need to do is call us at 1-877-333-7081 and we’ll help you out!

  • Fitness Centers

Fitness centers call for resilient and sturdy products. Our SGC Perfect Lawn series is made for this purpose. Our artificial grass provides you with the most durable and sustainable surface that allows you to reach all your fitness goals. For further information, please contact an SGC representative today!

  •  Putting Green

Build your private putt practice with the SGC PolyGreen series! Our PolyGreen series provides innovative solutions for either indoor or outdoor use to give you an enjoyable golfing experience. This is a great way to turn a boring surface into an attractive and sleek place.

  • Car Floor Mats

Skeptical? Trust me, grass car floor mats are a thing! Many of our past customers have used remaining pieces from their landscaping ventures as floor mats for their vehicles. All you need to do is put your car mat on top of the turf and cut it by a sharp blade accordingly. And then, voila! You have a luxurious interior!

  • Driveways & Pavers

Say no to dull pavers and driveways! Artificial grass set between flagstones and pavers offers a beautiful finish! The best part, artificial turf is maintenance-free and weather-resistant.

There are many other creative ways to use artificial turf. Get your creative juices running, and call an SGC representative today. We will be more than happy to assist you!