EzPad 45mm


soft pad


Shock Absorbent Pad EzPad 45mm – Soft Underlay Pad

SGC synthetic Turf shockpad is our premium shock absorption surface. It is perfect for play areas, playgrounds, sports fields and rooftop applications. In fact, this commercial grade underlay pad is certified in reducing the impact of a 3ft and 7ft fall. This benefit reduces the risk of injury to children and sports players. Its 100% recycled raw material makes the Ezpad an eco-friendly product. It is also completely free of hazardous as well as toxic ingredients. It attracts less heat in comparison to rubber granules, and it further aids in the drainage process.

Our synthetic turf Shock absorbent pad is very easy to install. This accessory is equipped with expansion joints which ensures long term durability under heavy traffic. Furthermore, our shockpad system does not require any seaming tape. Please visit our installation guide for further information.




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45 mm

Total of sq/ft per sheet

21.78 sq/ft


100% recycled raw materials without any glue additives