Artificial Grass Adhesive 15L (4 Gallons)


Artificial Grass Glue 4 Gallons (15 liters)
Covers approximately 240 square feet or 480 linear feet of perimeter


Artificial Grass Adhesive SGC – 15L (4 Gallons)

SGC Artificial Grass Glue is a necessary component during the installation of artificial turf. This urethane adhesive bonds seams, and secures turf onto various bases. Some base examples include: concrete, asphalt, padding, tiles, wooden flooring, epoxy, and outdoor subbases. Furthermore, our artificial turf glue is the best solution for high performance seaming and bonding required for the installation of artificial turf in athletic or general landscape applications. This product comes in a bucket of 4 gallons which covers 240 square feet or 480 linear feet of perimeter.

You need to use SGC Commercial Seaming Tape for seam bonding, please visit our installation guide for further information.


Additional information


Urethane adhesive

Outdoor Turf Glue Drying Time

20-30 minutes


Indoor – 15L // Outdoor – 29oz, 3.78L, 15L