Artificial Grass Rooftop & Penthouse

Enjoy your Artificial Turf Rooftop & Penthouse by maximizing your square footage and making your outdoor living more attractive. SGC designs and distributes superior quality synthetic fibers that remain straight and more natural for years against traffic and winter conditions. They are made with a beige fiber at the bottom of the carpet to replicate the natural aspect.

In addition, our synthetic grass is compatible with the Ezpad surface to ensure a more efficient drainage for your rooftop terrace. The drainage of the water will be drawn under this surface to go in the drains and gutters. Your rooftop will remain dry and clean at all times.

For a permanent installation, we recommend using silica sand (size between 30 to 50 mesh) spread over the artificial Turf. The silica sand will help to hold the surface in place against the wind. We suggest putting around 2 pounds of silica sand on each square foot. The silica sand can be purchased in a hardware store in bags of 50 pounds and spread out with a broom or stihl broom.

Artificial Turf for Balcony and Patio

SGC also offers a variety of pre-cut grass carpet to make it easier for you to install or remove it if you don’t want it permanent. The pre-cut grass carpets are very natural looking and the sizes are : (3′ X 5′), (5′ X 5′), (7′ X 5′). You can purchase the Ezlawn online at :

Suggested Models