SGC Goes Green

As we grow, we feel the environmental responsibility on our shoulders. We understand our corporate social responsibility to eliminate waste. We are, therefore, embracing a few eco-friendly approaches for our planet to be guarded effectively. In fact, SGC is a leading manufacturer of maintenance-free outdoor living products for a decade now. But, now we look towards becoming the pioneers of climate protection. Our little actions, which start today, can have a positive impact on our planet’s daily health.

This is how we have begun to contribute. Basically, we started to:

paper use
Restrict Paper Use
recyled materials
Use Recycled Materials
recycling companies
Collaborate with recycling companies

Restrict paper use by emailing you quotes, invoices, and important links, such as installation guides, product specifications, our brochure. We only advertise with social media and the Internet.

Produce products using recycled materials. We use recycled material and reclaimed timber in all of our products. Besides, you may recyle every single product that we carry!

Collaborating with the world’s largest recycling companies. This will not only enable us to recycle our products but will help us to substantially create raw materials for our new products too.

Here, we’re also going to take this moment to urge our customers to be our eco-allies! Together we can help save the environment and contribute towards the global elimination of waste. Tell us to recycle your synthetic turf or composite building material today and we can help you find a solution!